Only One in Three Employees with Cancer Satisfied with Workplace Adjustments

In September of 2023, research was conducted for Working To Wellbeing among 566 line managers in the UK and 112 people who have, or have had, cancer in the workplace by Opinium Research.

This research was conducted in the interest in finding if employees with cancer in the workplace have been satisfied with the adjustments made to allow them to return to work. Some of the statistics found as part of the research include:

  • One in four (23%) UK line managers would proactively explain to a colleague with a long-term health condition, such as cancer, their rights at work according to the Equality Act 2010
  • 47% of line managers feel they would be able to offer and support with some reasonable adjustments in their workplace to colleagues with cancer
  • Just over one in three (36%) workers who have/had cancer in the workplace have been satisfied that they received reasonable adjustments to their job to manage their health


Working To Wellbeing’s Cancer Support Service focuses on physical, cognitive, psychological and emotional components of cancer; 3 in 4 people it works with successfully sustained, or returned to, work.

Working To Wellbeing Managing Director, and chartered health psychologist, Dr Julie Denning said: ” In our (Working To Wellbeing’s) decade long experience as a back-to-work rehabilitation specialist, we’ve found that many people with cancer want and need to be in work. Our study has shown though that still only one in three have felt satisfied that they received reasonable adjustments to their job to manage their health, with few feeling satisfied with the level of workplace modifications, flexible working and coaching offered too.”


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