My Bubble, Your Bubble.

Our Director, Dr Julie Denning is hosting a webinar for the Vocational Rehabilitation Association about the importance and relevance of our perceptions and biases when it comes to supporting people back to work. From our work in Vocational Rehabilitation, we know that sometimes Employers and Employees...


Lights, Camera, Action By Julie Denning

I have been thinking hard and long about what to write for this edition. In the summer I was fired up with the Olympics and my own behaviour change (the swimming is sort of coming along, thanks….).  Nearing the winter I am just wanting to...


The importance of being bio psycho social

We all know that a patient's attitudes and beliefs affect their behaviour and play a role in slow recovery from injury and illness.  But what if the stumbling block is actually our own beliefs and behaviour? Bishop et al (2008) suggest that heath care professionals’...