Long Covid – How can businesses prepare? – Webinar

Long Covid – How can businesses prepare? webinar 


As a business owner/line manager responsible for staff wellbeing, in March 2020 you probably had an inbox full of questions from your team that, like most, you probably didn’t know how to answer. After reading all the guidance (there was a lot of advice), you’d got your head around all of the detail needed to best support staff through a global pandemic. Fast forward to now, news cycles and social feeds are talking about Long Covid, and you want to know how you can best prepare.


Does this sound familiar? Have you got questions about Long Covid? Don’t worry – we can help.


We provide a work support service for those experiencing the symptoms of Long Covid. The service is designed to support people to self-manage their symptoms and support them with their return to work plans when ready.  There is a strong focus on adapting to a new illness that has significant symptoms affecting quality of life. We provide support to address any psychological difficulties including fear of fatigue, frustration and low mood; physical health needs such as managing deconditioning and increasing stamina and vocational rehabilitation, including employer engagement support.


With our collective knowledge of recovering from Covid-19 and managing long term conditions, we wanted to invite line managers and business owners to join our interactive Q&A webinar. For more information and to register, use the link below.


This event is no longer available. If you wanted to find out any more about this subject or for more information on upcoming W2W events, then please do contact us.



Working To Wellbeing (W2W) provides consultancy and intervention for health and wellbeing at work. We provide wellbeing and rehabilitation services, supporting employees with physical health, mental health and long term conditions, the 3 key causes of presenteeism and absence. We join the dots between the physical and mental health issues that cause and perpetuate poor health. Our specialist clinicians are highly trained to provide a truly integrated service that results in health behaviour change and optimum work capability.