Work Is A Health Outcome.

We believe that everyone struggling with their mental and physical health should have the support to get back on their feet and back to work as soon as they can. At Working To Wellbeing, we do just that. If you are finding it hard to adjust to a new diagnosis or symptoms, we know that you will need one to one support to help you with how you are feeling physically and how your symptoms make you feel emotionally. We work to understand the whole you, ensure you get the support you need when you need it, helping you return to function and work when ready.

We are specialists in helping people with long term conditions including cancer, heart disease, fatigue, pain and long covid who want to either remain in or return to work when ready. Our Team of clinicians provide health support and work support. This can include phased return to work planning and line manager engagement and training.

We work with Insurers, Perks & Benefits Providers, Employers, Charities and individuals.

Our integrated health and work service can be accessed as soon as needed so that people can get on the road to recovery and improve their daily functioning and get back to work.

Today is world osteoporosis day. Our very own Sabita has written an article called 'Strengthening your bones' - Read it here - #osteoporosis

Our director, @w2w_julie, recently wrote an article for @personneltoday. In case you missed it, you can read it here - #LongCovid

We've got a week of webinars. Learn more about our #mindfulness, #mentalhealth and #backcare webinars here -

Next week is Backcare awareness week. we're hosting an interactive webinar aimed at helping employees with back pain. Learn more and sign up here - #Backcareawarenessweek

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