We like to be able to help people as soon as they need it. Our clinically-led and evidence based work support service is designed to enable individuals to self-manage their symptoms, remain in or return to work when ready. We focus on physical, cognitive, psychological and emotional components of people’s lives. We provide health coaching support with a strong vocational bias to help people restore their day-to-day functioning and quality of life and return to work when ready.  We believe that good work is an important part of the recovery pathway and is an outcome that we work towards. 


Menopausal symptoms can greatly affect the ability to work well. Our service aims to help women, trans and non-binary people to manage the symptoms they experience and enable them to fulfill their work role and manage any stressors associated with menopause at work.

What do we provide? 

Following referral into our service we carry out and initial assessment to understand what symptoms the person experiences as a result of the menopause and how they are currently coping at work.  We will suggest recommendations as to how we can help and the support that we can provide.


The service is brief and typically involves up to 4 sessions of work focussed health coaching support.


We are able to step people into psychotherapeutic support if need be.

To help people to recover, improve their day to day functioning and quality of life and support them with their return to work plans.   

Those who are experiencing menopausal symptoms which are impacting on their ability to work and function.  

Our clinical team consist of Occupational Psychologists, Health Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and PhysiotherapistsThe clinical health coach may come from any of these professionsWe provide specialist training for all our clinical team to work as a clinical health coach and they also work as a team to support each individual person with expert skills to thrive again. 

Yes! We liaise with their employers and occupational health if needed and provide input beyond the first day at work to ensure that they remain at work for the long term.   We support line managers to implement return to work plans and help them to make reasonable adjustments for their employee who is struggling with menopausal symptoms 

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