When a member of a team is coping with a long-term condition, has a physical illness or injury or has mental health problems, it not only affects the employee but also the organisation.


Our proactive approach to occupational health management referrals and occupational health case management, helps employees who are struggling at work with a health condition. Working To Wellbeing support them to remain in, or return to, work as quickly as possible and thrive at work. We closely partner with occupational health teams. Alternatively, we can work directly with HR if you don’t have an occupational health service. We also support SMEs wanting to carry out workplace health assessments.


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How do we help?


With our experienced in-house HCPC registered health care professionals, we have early doors conversations with either the employee or the line manager, or both, about providing support to enable someone preferably to remain at work or to improve their health to re-enter the workplace. Early intervention is key.


We provide clinical and non-clinical support in a dynamic way ensuring the member of staff gets what they need, when they need it. We also keep key stakeholders involved in the process so everyone is kept informed regarding recovery and return to work progress.


Every employee has their own health care professional delivering vocational rehabilitation support and we can also provide pathways to get additional support to speed recovery back to work, if needed, or utilise the existing support you have.

What conditions do we support people with?


Long Covid


Chronic fatigue



Persistent pain

Physical illness & injury


Cardiac & respiratory conditions

Neurological conditions


Mental health problems

Other health conditions

Palliative support

Support service details


A level of service can be agreed with you which can range from a “concierge service”, to support on a per referral basis.


We work with the services you already have in place.  We encourage early intervention which helps prevent someone from absent or can reduce the amount of time they are away from the workplace. The longer someone is off work, the harder it can be to return and can have a negative impact on their health.


All cases are managed by dedicated HCPC registered clinicians who provide vocational rehabilitation and support your employee in self-managing their symptoms. Communicating with line managers to equip them in supporting employees back to work. We offer an individualised support to each employee aiming at preventing lengthy absences.


We provide useful MI data to your account manager and use a ISO27001 patient management system which provides high level of confidentiality for the individual.


Working To Wellbeing’s Line Manager Assistance Programme and can offer training to line managers to help them manage workplace wellbeing, return to work and communication skills. To read more about how we support line managers, click here.

Occupational Health Support Packages



Workplace Health Assessment and brief interventions – pay as you go but with a capped level of support per individual.



Workplace Health Assessment and individualised interventions – pay as you go with a costed level of support per individual.


Concierge Support

Agreed minimum level of support per annum which can be used for individual interventions. Contact us for further information.

For all levels of service, we provide a dedicated Account Manager to help you integrate our service into your suite of wellbeing support.

How do I get in touch? 

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