We know that line managers are under increasing pressure due to the number of different activities they are now required to perform. To help them cope with this, we have created our Line Manager Assistance Programme (LMAP). This service provides line managers with the necessary tools, support and guidance to best help their colleagues with any long-term health condition, enabling them to return to work, improve their quality of life and stay in their job. Our LMAP is flexible, allowing you to buy the full package of support or pick and choose what you need when you need it. 

24% of Line Managers do not feel that they have received sufficient training from their employer to best support wellbeing.

What is the purpose of the programme? 

The Line Manager Assistance Programme provides support and resources to help line managers develop their skills and become more effective in their roles. We offer advice and guidance on how to manage and support a colleagues long-term health condition in the workplace, as well as providing support and resources to assist line managers in managing their own wellbeing. Our team of experienced, HCPC registered, clinical health coaches are available to help with any questions you may have and provide tailored advice in order to meet the needs of your line manager and their staff. By providing line managers with the appropriate support, resources and guidance, we can help them to provide the best possible care for their colleagues. 

What does the Line Manager Assistance Programme include?

A Helpline:  


Our helpline offers trustworthy and expert advice to ensure peace of mind when managing colleagues. Our clinical health coaches can answer queries on developing return to work plans, talking with staff about their health requirements, as well as supporting them with their own worries and anxieties. The purpose of the helpline is to reduce the heavy load that now lies on a line manager’s shoulders and give them the personalised and specialist assistance they need. 


Topics include:

  • What is a long term condition and how can having one impact on productivity at work?
  • How to support someone with a long term condition at work
  • How to create and manage return-to-work plans
  • How to create and implement wellbeing action plans for people remaining in, or returning to, work

Tailored bitesize wellbeing sessions: 


Line managers have a lot of responsibilities and it is essential that they take care of their physical and mental health. To support this, we provide ‘bitesize’ wellbeing sessions that cover topics such as sleep, stress, exercise and deep relaxation. All our sessions are delivered by HCPC registered clinicians. Our sessions enable them to take a break and look after their health with our engaging and practical wellbeing sessions. 

What if my colleague needs more help? 


We provide stepped care services, including tailored return-to-work programmes, to help staff with long-term conditions stay at work or return to work. Our programmes enable successful returns, allowing employers to ensure a successful return to work. 

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