We like to be able to help people as soon as they need it. Our clinically-led and evidence based work support service is designed to enable individuals to self-manage their symptoms, remain in or return to work when ready. We focus on physical, cognitive, psychological and emotional components of illnessWe provide health coaching support with a strong vocational bias to help people restore their day-to-day functioning and quality of life and return to work when ready We believe that good work is an important part of the recovery pathway and is an outcome that we work towards. 


Being diagnosed with cancer can be one of the most difficult situations that anyone has to face.  It can cause great fear and worry and can affect every aspect of your life, including the ability to work. The tests and treatments needed may mean spending time in hospital or hospital appointments and the side effects of the treatment can be worse than the original cancer symptoms. This is why we provide cancer work support for those who need it to help them remain in, or return to, work.


As treatments for cancer improve more and more people are living for many years beyond cancer, but the treatment can leave people feeling unwell and tired.  The side effects can affect a person’s lifestyle and ability to work.  


Percentage of Cancer Work Support Service users that successfully sustained or returned to work.

On average, we support people for 8 months in our Cancer Work Support Service.

What do we provide? 

Your claimant or employee will be referred to one of our specialist HCPC registered health coaches.  They will carry out a full biopsychosocial assessment with a focus on work to understand what the individual needs to help them to self manage their symptoms and return to work. You will be provided with a detailed report with our clinician’s recommendations for the support they believe will best support your employee or claimant to help them to return to work when ready. 


Following the assessment the health coach will work with the individual over a period of time to coach them in such things as sleep, pain , fatigue management so that they can start to make changes to their life that will help them to start to recover and to manage their symptoms both in their personal and work lives.   


We find that some people may just need a few sessions with our health coaches whilst others can be with us for 6 to 9 months.   We offer an individualised approach as we know from our wealth of experience that a set programme doesn’t work for many people.   


We are also able to step people into psychotherapeutic support if need be.  


We will always discuss with you in advance how much time we predict will be needed and keep in regular contact with you as to the individual’s progress. 

To help people to recover, improve their day to day functioning and quality of life and support them with their return to work plans.   

Our cancer work support service supports people who want the opportunity to talk about how they feel post diagnosis and want help moving on and feeling normal again. It is also for people who are thinking about returning to work but are not sure how to go about it. We can help people who are struggling with physical, cognitive and mental health difficulties relating to their diagnosis and treatments.

Yes! We liaise with their employers and occupational health if needed and provide input beyond the first day at work to ensure that they remain at work for the long term.   We support line managers to implement return to work plans and help them to make reasonable adjustments for their employee.

Our clinical team consist of Occupational Psychologists, Health Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.  The clinical health coach may come from any of these professions.  We provide specialist training for all our clinical team to work as a clinical health coach and they also work as a team to support each individual person with expert skills to thrive again. 

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