To support organisations’ drive to improve the wellbeing of their staff, we have put together training packages aimed to upskill employees in supporting each other and a webinar series focussed on individual reflection of their health needs.


We can help your teams, line managers and HR to understand the impact a long term condition can have on getting back into the workplace. We help your people to understand long term conditions from the perspective of work.

Our training sessions are informative and practical, enabling your staff to have the space to discuss their concerns and learn how to help their colleagues.

We have many ‘off the shelf’ training sessions available. We also design solutions tailored to an organisation’s needs.

Typical requests for training focus on:

  • Return to work planning integrating phased return with symptom management
  • Health and wellbeing action planning tailored to work
  • Understanding symptoms that people with cancer and long covid experience and how they can be supported to return to work when ready

  • How to talk about returning to work, myth-busting and boundary management
  • Understanding how the different support available through corporate wellbeing schemes link together, e.g. Mental health champions, EAP schemes, PMI, GIP and wellbeing offerings


We provide webinars on mindfulness, sleep, emotions, stress and burnout, activity snacking, energy-boosting, back care at work and breathing. We also design webinars on request so that organisations can add to their suite of wellbeing tools.

Since the start of the covid pandemic, we have been providing regular, free mindfulness sessions called Elevenses to anyone who would like to attend. These 20 minutes, live, online sessions have various topics covered and always include active engagement and reflection.

The Team delivering webinars are all clinicians and have experience in supporting people through health behaviour change. This means that your staff will have a unique opportunity to talk things through with someone ‘in the know’.

Line Manager Assistance Programme

Our Line Manager Assistance Programme (LMAP) provides line managers with the tools, support and guidance they need to best help their colleagues with any type of long-term health condition, helping them to return to function, improve their quality of life, and help them to stay in or return to work.

The programme includes:

  • Access to the Line Manager Helpline offering reliable and expert advice to provide reassurance when managing colleagues.
  • Training and help for line managers to create return-to-work plans and wellbeing action plans for people remaining in or returning to work.
  • Tailored wellbeing sessions to ensure managers are looking after their own physical and mental health needs.

Line Manager Helpline

Our Line Manager Helpline offers reliable and expert advice to provide reassurance for line managers who are supporting colleagues suffering from post covid-19 syndrome (Long Covid) or any other long term condition.

This telephone-based Helpline will enable line managers to talk through their concerns and worries and get some guidance on how to help team members who may be experiencing the wide-ranging symptoms that are impacting on their ability to do their job. Alongside the Helpline is a webinar to introduce the service and address some of the initial queries ranging from what symptoms to look out for, through to returning to work.



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