Most UK managers feel unable to offer adjustments for cancer

HR Magazine have published an article highlighting our research into cancer in the workplace.   In this piece, written by Millicent Machell, it covers: Data on employers' ability to support a colleague with cancer Further data on employees' thoughts on the support they have received Words from

Dr Julie Denning: How managers can support colleagues with their health

Benefits Expert have shared a piece by W2W Managing Director Dr Julie Denning titled "How managers can support colleagues with their health."   The post includes tips and information on: Recognising different needs Paying attention Putting yourself first As well as data from our Window To The Workplace

Line managers able to spot signs of poor mental health

Thank you to HR magazine and Millicent Machell for sharing this piece on our research about line managers and the role they play in employee wellbeing. To read the write up visit HR magazine below.   HR Magazine - Line managers able to spot signs of poor mental health

Overcoming in-work and return-to-work barriers

HR Grapevine have shared the thoughts and opinions shared on Generali UK's Wellbeing 360 podcast, discussing the barriers that people diagnosed with cancer face when remaining-in or returning-to work. Featuring on the podcast is W2W's Dr Julie Denning as well as Professor Gordon Wishart, founder



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