Putting Anxiety Awareness into Action   

This Mental Health Awareness Week, the Mental Health Foundation, is putting a focus on anxiety. Anxiety is a very normal emotion that everyone experiences. It can range from mild worries and concerns to mental ill health.  We all need a bit of anxiety to trigger

5 Habit Building Tips that I have Learnt from Starting to Run

By Orla Percy – Clinical Health Coach / Occupational Therapist at Working To Wellbeing   I’m Orla! I work as a clinical health coach at W2W. At the time of writing this, I am seven weeks into a running plan that advises you to run three times

Line managers able to spot signs of poor mental health

Thank you to HR magazine and Millicent Machell for sharing this piece on our research about line managers and the role they play in employee wellbeing. To read the write up visit HR magazine below.   HR Magazine - Line managers able to spot signs of poor mental health

Long Covid – What are employees rights and what support is available?

The return-to-work challenges of people coping with the long-term effects of Long Covid have been highlighted in today's The i Paper, written by Sarah Davidson. The Office of National Statistics reports more than 2 million people in the UK are suffering from the impact of Long Covid.   New variants, such as

Overcoming in-work and return-to-work barriers

HR Grapevine have shared the thoughts and opinions shared on Generali UK's Wellbeing 360 podcast, discussing the barriers that people diagnosed with cancer face when remaining-in or returning-to work. Featuring on the podcast is W2W's Dr Julie Denning as well as Professor Gordon Wishart, founder



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