National Fitness Day – Turning over a leaf

Julie Denning, Managing Director, W2W   I don't know about you, but I prefer to save up my major behaviour change for September. I don't go in for New Years Resolutions, I never keep to them, and the pressure feels like it's 'on'. Everyone asking – have

‘Up for Discussion’ – Reflections from the webinar series

Dr Julie Denning, Managing Director, W2W & Nicola Suckley, Director W2W    During the first phase of Lockdown, we ran weekly Q and A webinars with people from a variety of industry sectors and professions to discuss the challenges faced by organisations in helping to support and

A Dad in Lockdown

Sam Allen, Head of Marketing, W2W   In March, many people's regular work routine changed due to the need to furlough, self-isolate and or work from home. When this all began, I shared tips and tactics I've found helpful when working from home. Now, as some people

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How we can help people

One person we have worked with is Graeme who talks in this clip (1:32) from the Seven Families Project about how we have helped him with his return to the workplace.  

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Hot Topics: Cancer and Exercise

On the 12th December we are excited to announce that we will be presenting a poster at the Hot Topics: Cancer and Exercise conference held by the Royal Marsden. We will be talking about our research showing the efficacy of an exercise programme for people living



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