Long Covid – What are employees rights and what support is available?

The return-to-work challenges of people coping with the long-term effects of Long Covid have been highlighted in today’s The i Paper, written by Sarah Davidson. The Office of National Statistics reports more than 2 million people in the UK are suffering from the impact of Long Covid.


New variants, such as the ‘Kraken’ variant has caused concern that more people will have “their lives and finances ruined by long Covid”.


Symptoms of long Covid can include fatigue, shortness of breath and difficulty concentrating, which can affect the day-to-day life for many of those suffering with the condition and reduce their ability to work. We know that having a long-term condition can significantly impact on someone’s ability to work, and consequently, on their financial situation; long Covid is no exception. The article highlights employee rights when taking long-term absence, signposting the fact that financial help is available to those who take time off work. Some may be in a position where they could continue working with the help of a health service to help with a return-to-work plan, especially when this is delivered alongside active support to stay in work.


W2Ws Long Covid Support Service helps those who are suffering with long Covid make a return to work/remain in work, supporting them to self-manage their symptoms whilst working. For more information on the long Covid Support Service, get in touch via the contact form here.


Thank you to Sarah Davidson of iNews for sharing some key information as well as quotes from Dr Julie Denning. The full article can be read here.



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