A Student’s Experience – H&W@W2019

Every year we offer a work experience opportunity for students on the MSC course in Health Psychology at Kings College London. It is incredibly important to support young talent moving into our industry and offers them a chance to pair the knowledge gained on the...


Tuning into your stress

Stress is part of all our lives. Dr Julie Denning from W2W reflects on the importance of tuning into your stress. We all need a little bit of stress to get us up and running. ‘Eustress’  is the technical term for positive stress and has the following...

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Keep moving – the benefits of exercise after a cancer diagnosis

The preventative aspects of exercise for health Firstly, let’s talk generally. Physical activity is important for all of our health and wellbeing. It is believed that physical activity: Reduces hormones which promote cell growth and increasing mechanisms which protect the cell Boosts the immune system Reduces...


My Bubble, Your Bubble.

Our Director, Dr Julie Denning is hosting a webinar for the Vocational Rehabilitation Association about the importance and relevance of our perceptions and biases when it comes to supporting people back to work. From our work in Vocational Rehabilitation, we know that sometimes Employers and Employees...



Instead of working for an employer, some physiotherapists strike out on their own, setting up private clinics and services.   Our Director, Nicola Hunter was one of two successful entrepreneurs to be interviewed by Andrew Cole for a story in The Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy's Frontline magazine.   Andrew...