Spring Elevenses 2023 – 15 minutes of mindfulness to make your day more productive 

15 minutes of mindfulness to make your day more productive 

One of the most positive impacts of the pandemic is the improved conversation around our physical and mental wellbeing. We started our mindfulness webinar, Elevenses, in March 2020 to help people adjust to a ‘new normal’. Attendees said they enjoyed having time set aside each week to help their personal development. Sessions packed with tips and tricks that positively impact working lives. 

Elevenses has been so popular that we now also deliver expanded private sessions for all levels of employees in businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Our 15 minute webinars will now be called ‘Bitesize’. These will be taster sessions for expanded versions of our training programme. If you’re considering training for your team or business but are still figuring out how to make the first step, this is for you. Expect subjects like; working from home/hybrid working, sleep, diet, healthy body – exercise & posture, healthy mind – stress management, mindfulness and burnout. 


Like hundreds of others, give 15 minutes to make your day more awesome!

“W2W webinar and other educational content is always not only evidence-based but also really interesting and relevant, and brought down from the scientific to the personal level. Thank you for some great sessions from which I’ve gained not only knowledge but also new practical skills that I can(and do!) apply every day”. 


New Bitesize programme: 

We’ll dedicate 15 minutes each week to interactive webinars that help you up-skill and be more productive in your working week. As well as mindfulness, we now have sessions devoted to exercise snacking. Register here



– Switching focus (notice five things) – March 7th at 11 am

– Exercise Snacking – March 14th at 11 am

– 3 Good Things – March 21st at 11 am

– Healthy Body – March 28th at 11 am


This digital event series is open to past attendees and newcomers and can be experienced as a series or as stand-alone sessions. 

Working To Wellbeing (W2W) provides consultancy and intervention for health and wellbeing at work. We provide wellbeing and rehabilitation services, supporting employees with physical health, mental health and long term conditions, the 3 key causes of presenteeism and absence. We join the dots between the physical and mental health issues that cause and perpetuate poor health.

Our specialist clinicians are highly trained to provide a truly integrated service that results in health behaviour change and optimum work capability.