World Mental Health Day – Webinar

World Mental Health Day - Webinar     On the 10th of October, it's World Mental Health Day and this year's theme is 'Mental health for all'. Join us on the 6th of October at 11 am for a session reflecting on the mental health needs of

Elevenses – Spring 2021 – Weekly Mind, Body & Work Webinar

Working on your wellbeing. More than mindfulness    In March 2020, when the world for many flipped upside down, we wanted to do our bit to help. We wrote blogs, hosted webinars (Elevenses and Up For Discussion) and collaborated with other organisations' on their digital events

Long Covid – How can businesses prepare? – Webinar

Long Covid - How can businesses prepare? webinar    As a business owner/line manager responsible for staff wellbeing, in March 2020 you probably had an inbox full of questions from your team that, like most, you probably didn't know how to answer. After reading all the guidance

Stress awareness month – Webinar

Stress awareness month webinar    On the 6th of April at 11 am we are going to host ‘Elevenses’, a guided mindfulness session to prepare you for Stress Awareness Month.   ‘Elevenses’ is an interactive webinar that will help you to switch your focus to the here and now.

National workouts and wellbeing week – Webinar

National workouts and wellbeing week webinar    The aim of National Workouts and wellbeing week is to raise awareness around mental health and the positive impact exercise has on our overall health. We know that one of the most important, but one of the hardest things to

World Sleep Day – Webinar

World Sleep Day Webinar    On the 9th of March at 11 am in preparation for World Sleep Day on the19th of March, we’ll be hosting a special edition of our Elevenses webinar programme to help people prepare for getting a good night’s sleep. . We all know how

Can there be three good things on Blue Monday? – Webinar

Can there be three good things on Blue Monday? - Webinar     ‘Blue Monday’. Really? Is there actually one day of the year that is the most depressing? Its talked about so much each year that it must be true, right?   Well no actually. In actual fact,

Random Acts Of Kindness

By Dr Julie Denning In May 2020, The Mental Health Foundation picked 'kindness' as their theme for the year, and they highlighted the benefits of being kind to one another. Mark Rowland CEO of The Mental Health Foundation, cited an example of human kindness that moved