International Stress Awareness Week

Dr Julie Denning, Managing Director, W2W Resilience - the power to succeed' is the theme of this years' international stress awareness week. But what does increasing resilience involve exactly? The charity, Mind, has put together some different techniques to help you boost your resilience.   These include: Making

Movember – Men’s Health Awareness Month

Dr Julie Denning, Managing Director, W2W We wrote an article earlier in the year asking men to talk more about their health. It has made me increasingly aware of men’s health promotion, and there have been several things I’ve recently read or seen that I wanted

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World Diabetes Day – Webinar

People with a diabetes diagnosis are advised to make three key behaviour changes in order to self manage their condition: 1) to take their medication as advised 2) to change their diet and 3) to exercise regularly This is no mean feat to undertake. If you are struggling with

Are we forgetting the life in work/life balance?

Julie Denning, Managing Director, W2W I was watching Marie Kondo with my children over the summer, keen to inspire them to keep tidier rooms (am I asking the impossible?) and something struck me. In fact, while tidying said bedrooms, it hit all of us. The simple

Get Wellness Planning!

Julie Denning, Managing Director, W2W As a line manager, you may find it very difficult to start a conversation with one of your colleagues about their health. In recent times there has been an understandable push for Line Managers to be mental ill-health aware.  As we know,


I recently attended the IOSH National Safety and Health Conference keen to understand more about the relationship between workplace culture and wellbeing.   The opening presentation was from Stephan Bevan (Head, HR Research Development at Institute of Employment Studies) He spoke of how a recent report commissioned

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How we can help people

One person we have worked with is Graeme who talks in this clip (1:32) from the Seven Families Project about how we have helped him with his return to the workplace.  

Lights, Camera, Action By Julie Denning

I have been thinking hard and long about what to write for this edition. In the summer I was fired up with the Olympics and my own behaviour change (the swimming is sort of coming along, thanks….).  Nearing the winter I am just wanting to

The importance of being bio psycho social

We all know that a patient's attitudes and beliefs affect their behaviour and play a role in slow recovery from injury and illness.  But what if the stumbling block is actually our own beliefs and behaviour? Bishop et al (2008) suggest that heath care professionals’