Long Covid Service

We provide a work support service for those experiencing the symptoms of Long Covid. The service is designed to support people to self-manage their symptoms and to support them with their return to work plans when ready.  There is a strong focus on adapting to a new illness that has significant symptoms affecting quality of life. Support is provided to address any psychological difficulties including fear of fatigue, frustration and low mood, physical health needs such as managing deconditioning and increasing stamina and vocational rehabilitation including employer engagement support. Contact us today for more information on this service.

Cancer Work Support Service

Our Cancer Work Support Service has been described by our patients as a ‘lifeline’ during their recovery from cancer and associated treatments. We help people at any stage during their cancer experience to help them to come to terms with their illness and to self-manage their symptoms to improve their quality of life and where possible to return to work.   Not only do we provide support for patients, we also help employers to provide the best support possible for their returning employee.

“I would highly recommend the service to anyone facing a cancer diagnosis or someone experiencing late effects from treatment.”

Hannah Watson

working towards wellbeing_bury st edmunds_2
working towards wellbeing_bury st edmunds_2

Chronic Illness Work Support Service

Our Chronic Illness Work Support Service helps people with chronic health conditions, who would like support getting back to work or to maintain or improve their life at work. This often involves helping them to manage symptoms such as pain, low mood and fatigue, We use an interdisciplinary approach through health coaching, and support from physiotherapists and psychological therapy to meet individual needs.

“I would recommend this service to others when approached and not to dismiss it as someone trying to tell you what to do.  They are there to help and they do their utmost to assist people to reach their own goals going forward.”


Critical Illness Support

Sometimes it is not necessary to have a full package of services.  Sometimes all that is needed is a brief intervention that helps people to get on their way again. This is what our Critical Illness Support Service has been designed for.  We listen to the individual’s current health needs and using our resources and expertise, signpost them to relevant local or national support. We can also offer follow up health coaching support to find out how things are going and provide further input.
If you have been provided this service by your insurance policy, please contact us to arrange an appointment. If you wish to view our website resources, please register by clicking the JOIN US tab.

working towards wellbeing_bury st edmunds_2
working towards wellbeing_bury st edmunds_2

Mental Health Work Support Service

Most people experience mental health problems at some point in their lives and it is the number one reason that people have time off work. Our skilled therapists support people with mild to moderate mental health problems and also help them with their plans to return to or remain at work.  As part of their recovery, we can provide people with a combination of CBT, health coaching and exercise planning.

“I am so grateful for all the help.  I went into it very anxious and have come out totally rebuilt.”


Integrated Wellbeing Service

We offer a range of wellbeing services for businesses. Our approach puts your employee at the centre and identifies their full health needs.  We help people who are healthy and well to keep that way, and can also support people who have been going through intensive treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy to recover. Our multidisciplinary team and services mean that  we can blend our service offering to meet the individual’s needs. No one pathway will be the same and we are able to accommodate for that.
Our offering can also include popup wellbeing clinics at your premises, webinar sessions on selected topic area as well as working with individual employees on a one-to-one basis.

“From being a complete cynic I have been exceptionally surprised at how motivating the sessions have been.”

Mandy Wilks

working towards wellbeing_bury st edmunds_2
working towards wellbeing_bury st edmunds_2


We can help people who have recently been diagnosed with a long term illness or are struggling to self-manage their symptoms.  We also help people who want to manage fatigue and pain through exercise and who want help to manage low mood and anxiety.  We can also support you to stay at work or help with your return to work.
The service is available to you directly. All you need to do is contact us and we can chat through how we can help you.

Service Design

A number of our clients have asked us to adapt our services to meet their needs, others have asked us to design a bespoke service for them.   If you are interested in our services generally but would like something that more closely meets your needs, please get in contact with us and we will be happy to help you.

working towards wellbeing_bury st edmunds_2
working towards wellbeing_bury st edmunds_2

Clinical Services

In addition to our integrated services, we also offer standalone clinical services which include:

Telephone or face to face Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Our core sites are at Bury St Edmunds, Preston,  and St Albans and we provide national access.


Telephone or face to face Physiotherapy services.  Face to face therapy provided at Pop Up clinics, onsite services and at Bury Physio, Bury St Edmunds.


Workplace Assessments.  We provide a national service provision, please contact us for further information on this service.

Clinical Health Coaching Service

We want to make sure that your employees get the most appropriate mental and physical health support to address their symptoms and improve their functioning. Sometimes people need more than self-help but less than CBT or Physiotherapy. Our clinical health coaching model and clinical expertise perfectly place us to be able to offer such a service that tailors support according to individual need with a strong work focus.