We specialise in the design and delivery of Workplace Wellbeing services. We work with organisations of varying sizes from international businesses through to SME’s, across a spectrum of industries and sectors. Our team work closely with an organisation to fully understand the business requirements. Innovation is at the heart of our business and we welcome the opportunity to design and deliver bespoke services which meet an organisation needs.


W2W are unique in offering services across the spectrum of organisational wellbeing including consultancy, training and clinical support services. In doing so, we are able to support organisations to; develop wellbeing strategies which align to key business objectives, upskill and support managers to engage in best practice relating to workplace wellbeing and support employees to sustainably remain in and/or return to work.


The key focus of our work is on behaviour change at organisational, managerial and individual level to achieve an overall positive culture towards workplace wellbeing. We recognises the importance of both Mental and Physical health therefore ensuring all of our services are fully integrated to provide a holistic approach which is underpinned by evidence based practice.

Wellbeing Consultancy, Strategy and Initiatives

W2W offer a wellbeing consultancy service which aims to impart our expert, clinical knowledge of health and work, to facilitate businesses to create and evolve a proactive approach to wellbeing. The objective is to develop a bespoke strategy which is owned by the company and meets the organisations cultural and business needs.


This is done through an evidence-based approach, utilising quantitative and qualitative data collection methods and analysis. Recommendations are provided to the organisation and support offered to implement necessary resources, services and initiatives.


W2W can offer a range of wellbeing initiatives from health promotion, training and bespoke programmes. We also provide ongoing support to help evaluate and evolve the organisations’ strategy to ensure the approach remains relevant, continually meeting business needs.

Employer Training

W2W provide an extensive training service to businesses. Our courses are all interactive and educational, underpinned by the evidence base and our clinical knowledge of health and work. W2W provide ongoing mentoring and follow up to ensure the knowledge learned is successfully applied in practice.


W2W courses can be delivered on or off-site, face to face or via webinar. We are also able to design bespoke training packages.


W2W provide a range of training packages for both managers and employees to help prevent and manage physical and mental health conditions in the workplace.


• Line Manager Wellbeing Training
• Mental Health Awareness
• Injury Prevention in the Workplace
• Reasonable adjustments and return to work planning


If you would like further information on W2W training courses please contact us


W2W can provide a series of webinars on health topics to act as useful resources to support organisational training and wellbeing initiatives. The aim of the webinars is to support ongoing health behaviour change at work and to allow employees time out during the day to focus on their wellbeing. W2W webinars cover the following area:
• Healthy mind
• Healthy body
• Lifestyle
• Work
Our webinars can be hosted live and/or recorded for ongoing access. Webinars can be bespoke designed for an organisation on a health topic of your choice and help promote other wellbeing services.

“Love the elevenses – a lovely bit of calm and understanding when we need it most.”

Emma Perry – Versus Arthritis

Wellbeing Screening

W2W’s wellbeing screening programme offers an in-depth assessment and ongoing support to establish health behaviour change. Employees will gain a better understanding of their current physical, mental and general health, including their risk factors for musculoskeletal conditions.


Clinical health coaching helps employees to create a sustainable plan to achieve their health goals. Ongoing support ensures employees maintain or improve, their physical and mental health and overall wellbeing

working towards wellbeing_bury st edmunds_2
working towards wellbeing_bury st edmunds_2

Ergonomic Assessment

W2W can provide an ergonomic assessment of the workplace, providing recommendations on environmental, organisational and individual changes as means of proactively preventing injury and managing musculoskeletal risk.


General Ergonomic Review
This can be carried out by an Occupational Health Physiotherapists to provide ergonomic advice and recommendation on general tasks and workplace design. This can help support and inform injury prevention training programmes.


Ergonomic Risk Assessment
An in-depth, objective review of musculoskeletal risk can also be carried out. This may be due to high levels of injury having been identified, a need for ergonomic assessment of multiple tasks or whole workplace or if new processes are being introduced into the workplace.


This level of formal ergonomic risk assessment is carried out by a qualified ergonomist and a comprehensive report with specific recommendations will be provided.



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