A Strategic approach to Wellbeing


Wellbeing Consultancy & Strategy

We specialise in the design and delivery of Workplace Wellbeing services. We work with organisations of varying sizes from international businesses through to SME’s, across a spectrum of industries and sectors. Our team work closely with an organisation to fully understand the business requirements. Innovation is at the heart of our business and we welcome the opportunity to design and deliver bespoke services which meet an organisation needs.


W2W are unique in offering services across the spectrum of organisational wellbeing including consultancy, training and clinical support services. In doing so, we are able to support organisations to; develop wellbeing strategies which align to key business objectives, upskill and support managers to engage in best practice relating to workplace wellbeing and support employees to sustainably remain in and/or return to work.


The key focus of our work is on behaviour change at organisational, managerial and individual level to achieve an overall positive culture towards workplace wellbeing. We recognises the importance of both Mental and Physical health therefore ensuring all of our services are fully integrated to provide a holistic approach which is underpinned by evidence based practice.

Wellbeing Audit

The W2W Consultancy team offers businesses the opportunity to audit “Where you are now”.

This may include

  • Key organisational metrics including absenteeism, usage of current services
  • Qualitative analysis and questionnaires of the organisation & employees
  • Organisational policies in relation to health & wellbeing

Wellbeing Design

W2W design services that aim to join up your wellbeing strategy.

We are experienced in designing bespoke services for employers