My Bubble, Your Bubble.

Our Director, Dr Julie Denning is hosting a webinar for the Vocational Rehabilitation Association about the importance and relevance of our perceptions and biases when it comes to supporting people back to work.

From our work in Vocational Rehabilitation, we know that sometimes Employers and Employees are on a different page when it comes to expectations, beliefs and perceptions about employment and illness. This difference in points of view can act as an obstacle to a smooth return to work.

In this session, Julie will discuss how employees and employer’s perceptions can become aligned and how rather than working in their own ‘bubble’ they can learn to see each other’s point of view and help each other on the return to work journey.

The focus will be on how to enable conversations between employer and employee using a cognitive behavioural approach. This approach will be explained and exemplified through case study examples.

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