We like to be able to help people as soon as they need it. We have a clinical, evidence-based system that has the scope to provide light touch, wellbeing support and the capacity to provide rehabilitation for people with more complex health needs. We prefer to do this in partnership with an individual’s employer as we believe that good work is an important part of the recovery pathway and is an outcome that we work towards.

Wellbeing Support

Essentially, we want to help people to stay in work. We do this by providing line manager support, helping them help their colleague, providing general health and wellbeing assessment, and coaching that targets the problems that are of greatest priority to the person, ensuring focus on function and work ability. Together we establish goals and action planning for health behaviour change. If someone is struggling to stay at work, perhaps due to physical capacity or emotional challenges, we can provide specific support.

Services include:

An emotional support service. Designed to provide support for people with a range of emotional needs. This service gives people the opportunity to discuss their emotions and how they feel about things and problem-solve. We ensure that people are supported should their mood deteriorate and need more intensive support such as CBT.

An exercise support service. Designed to increase physical fitness and capability. This service is always delivered by a physiotherapist with expertise in long term condition management.

Work and health support

If someone is already off work, then we can provide what is called ‘vocational rehabilitation’. Our service includes the provision of healthcare support combined with work focused intervention, including the return to work planning and employer liaison. Our one to one clinician delivered support focuses on function. Our specialist support services focus on helping people to adapt to their illness which may have significant symptoms affecting quality of life. Support is provided to address any psychological difficulties, including fear of fatigue, frustration and low mood, physical health needs such as managing deconditioning and increasing stamina and vocational rehabilitation, including employer engagement support.

Work support services include:

Cancer. We help people at any stage during their cancer experience to help them come to terms with their illness and self-manage their symptoms to improve their quality of life and, where possible, return to work.

Long term Conditions. We support people to manage their symptoms such as pain, low mood and fatigue. We use an interdisciplinary approach to meet individual needs through health coaching and support from physiotherapists and psychological therapy. We provide support for the following conditions:

Long Covid, Persistent pain, Chronic fatigue, Mental ill-health (mild to moderate), Neurodiversity, Menopause, Neurological conditions (including Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and MS)