Developing a culture of wellbeing: Top tips for employers – Webinar

Developing a culture of wellbeing: Top tips for employers - Webinar     The need for organisations to develop effective wellbeing interventions and develop a strong, genuine culture of wellbeing for their staff has never been greater. Join us for an interactive session where we will help

Long Covid – How can businesses prepare? – Webinar

Long Covid - How can businesses prepare? webinar    As a business owner/line manager responsible for staff wellbeing, in March 2020 you probably had an inbox full of questions from your team that, like most, you probably didn't know how to answer. After reading all the guidance

Stress awareness month – Webinar

Stress awareness month webinar    On the 6th of April at 11 am we are going to host ‘Elevenses’, a guided mindfulness session to prepare you for Stress Awareness Month.   ‘Elevenses’ is an interactive webinar that will help you to switch your focus to the here and now.

National workouts and wellbeing week – Webinar

National workouts and wellbeing week webinar    The aim of National Workouts and wellbeing week is to raise awareness around mental health and the positive impact exercise has on our overall health. We know that one of the most important, but one of the hardest things to

World Sleep Day – Webinar

World Sleep Day Webinar    On the 9th of March at 11 am in preparation for World Sleep Day on the19th of March, we’ll be hosting a special edition of our Elevenses webinar programme to help people prepare for getting a good night’s sleep. . We all know how

Random Acts Of Kindness

By Dr Julie Denning In May 2020, The Mental Health Foundation picked 'kindness' as their theme for the year, and they highlighted the benefits of being kind to one another. Mark Rowland CEO of The Mental Health Foundation, cited an example of human kindness that moved

Lockdown #3 – Not back to square 1

By Dr Julie Denning Hello Again Folks. So, #Lockdown 3. How are you faring? Do you feel like you are in a groundhog day that seems never-ending? Does a spontaneous trip to the local pub or bucket and spade holiday seem dream-like material? Do you feel

Long Covid support – The spokes and the hub

By Dr Julie Denning   It was half term, for me that means more time for kids and more time for getting through my 'to read' list. Amongst others was this article from Adam Saville, Editor at Cover Magazine. It highlights the need for early intervention support