Added Value Services & Employee Benefits

Added Value Services and Employee Benefits 

We know that companies that provide perks and benefits to their employees such as EAP programmers and wellbeing resources are more likely to have loyal, productive employees and a low staff turnover. We could help you take your offering to the next level with the provision of an interactive health coaching proposition. During the current pandemic, we are seeing a rise in mental ill and physical ill health as a result of a dramatic change in working practices shifting work from the office into our homes. What we have observed in the work that we do is that people do not always want or need psychotherapy or physiotherapy, but what they do find helpful is emotional support and exercise guidance, particularly during the C-19 pandemic. Health coaching encapsulates this support and guidance. If this sounds like something your employees could benefit from and you would like this valuable addition to your wellbeing agenda, let’s start a conversation to see how we can help.

Wellbeing Screening

Wellbeing Screening is an in-depth assessment for employees to help gain a better understanding of their current musculoskeletal, mental and general health, including their risk factors for Musculoskeletal conditions. Health coaching helps employees to create a sustainable plan to achieve their health goals, offering ongoing support to maintain or improve, their Physical and Mental health and overall wellbeing.

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Telephone Emotional Support Service (TESS) 

W2W provides support for people with a range of emotional needs.  Following a detailed assessment and triage process, our light touch Telephone Emotional Support Service provides an opportunity for people to discuss their emotions and how they are feeling about things.  TESS is the first part of a stepped care model where people can be signposted externally or referred internally to our mental health support service.  The service has an ethos of providing support that meets and individual’s needs when they need it.   We are careful not to over-treat and to provide appropriate support.  We provide our emotional support services over the telephone or via secure videoconferencing technology.  Should an individual require face to face CBT support then we will source a clinician close to their home or office.